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14th August 2013 NEW BOOK Beattie's Book Blog for THE LIE THAT SETTLES (includes reviews by ex-redhillians Stuart 'Wilf' Wilshaw & Terry Wilson)

MOF's (Marion Farrell) son Peter has published a memoir which includes a segment about his growing up at RHS (1940s/1950s) titled THE LIE THAT SETTLES. It was published in New Zealand in mid September 2013 - see the book's website for further details. Peter is also looking for a publisher in the UK and other countries. Click on the image or this text to learn more at the book website.

Click here to order the paperback or kindle (digital) edition from Amazon.com.


If you attended Red Hill School (East Sutton, near Maidstone, Kent, UK) this is where you can contact former students or staff. This boarding school for boys was founded by Otto Shaw in March 1934 in a large house named "Red Hill House"in West Chislehurst, Kent and named after the road/street on which it stood (Red Hill) . Click on the image to the left to see the original location. In the beginning the school was open to girls but the last girl left in autumn 1947. In early July 1935 that location was closed and larger premises (on about 22 acres) at Charlton Court, East Sutton opened on a 21 year lease from the Filmer family - the name Red Hill moved with the School. During a 58 year period over 835 pupils attended Red Hill before the school closed in July 1992. The Headmaster was Otto Shaw from 1934 to 1976 then Allan Rimmer from 1976 to 1992. Regarding the school closing: most boys left at the end of the Spring term 1992 (beginning of April) and most of the staff left on 30th April. About 10 boys and a few staff stayed on for the boys to take exams - the remaining staff and boys left on 26th June. On 31st July 1992 formal notice was given to the Dept for Education that the school would close on this date.

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