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(picture courtesy of: .AD = Allan Dandridge, AR = Allan Rimmer, AW = Allan Williams, BS = Bernard Smith, CBF = Colin B. Filmer, CS = Chris Sheary, DM = David Moth, ESP = East Sutton Parish, JW = John Welch, KN = Kevin Nunn, LB = Linda Bowditch (daughter of Donald Cursons), PF = Peter Farrell, PRS = Peter Still, PT = Phil Taylor, RC & AN= Rosemary Chitty & Anne Naylor (Rosemary was a pupil at Caldecott circa 1923-1924 at Charlton Court - Anne was a pupil later at Caldecott), RG = Ralph Gee, RS = Reg Slade, SW = Stuart Wilshaw, TW = Terry Wilson). If anyone has pictures that they would like to share please let me know - contact: oldredhillian@gmail.com (please copy). Click on link to see full size picture. * Reduced from a much higher resolution scan - if anyone would like the original (much larger) version I can send as an e-mail attachment, please contact: oldredhillian@gmail.com # Reproduced by permission of English Heritage NMR

1623 portrait of Sir Edward Filmer (first owner of Little Charlton) CBF

1838 B/W print - Little Charleton TW * see note (1)

1838 print - Little Charleton (same as above but tinted) TW * see note (2)

1843 print - Charleton Court or Little Charleton TW see note (3)

1843 print - Interior at Little Charlton TW see note (3)

The Builder - a weekly periodical volume 4 from 14th February 1846 (pages 78 + 79)

circa 1870s photo (1 of 3) PRS #

circa 1870s photo (2 of 3) PRS #

circa 1870s photo (3 of 3) PRS #

Early 1900s photo of John Corlett who resided at Charlton Court 1891 to 1911 (approx). Photo from the 1926 book "Master" and Men Pink'Un Yesterdays

1907 photo including 5 people PRS #

The Caldecott Community circa 1920 (pre-RHS) RC & AN

The Caldecott Community circa 1920 staff photo (pre-RHS) RC & AN

The farm at Caldecott circa 1920 (pre-RHS) RC & AN

The Caldecott Community circa 1920 (pre-RHS) RC & AN

The Caldecott Community circa 1921 (pre-RHS) AR

8 page letter dated December 29th 1941 from Hilde Edith Levi to her uncle Fred (Fritz) Adler - courtesy of Bill & Judy McCartney. Judy is Hilde's cousin. Judy and Bill visit her every two to three weeks. Hilde is in a care home in North Manchester.

Paul = Paul Pollak, Madge = Margaret Reynolds, Leslie = Bennett Leslie Levitt, Vera = Vera Fowler, 20 month old baby = Peter Farrell. Other names are mentioned but it is obvious as to who they are.







1944 receipt LB

Marion Farrell (MOF) walking a dog on the front lawn (mid 1940s) JW

1948 Survey (taken from much larger survey of East Sutton) PRS *

Community meeting (1948) RG

The six chalets (circa 1949) RS

Aerial view from late 1940s PF

Red Hill floor plans (pre-1953) RG

Rear view at woodpile (1953) RG

Mural in main entrance hallway painted in 1953 AD *

View from driveway entrance (taken after chimney removal but prior to addition of new wing) circa 1954/1955 RG

View from gangplace (mid 1950s) RG

mid 1950s - view from the top of the big fir tree BS

View from the road to Headcorn (mid 1950s) JW

Main drive looking north (late 1950s) JW

1960 - local residents gather for a community meeting! PT

New wing + main entrance (1961) TW

View from terrace (1961) TW

View from lower field (1961) TW

View from woods (1961) TW

Cottage, Stables + bench member hut (1961) TW

Spring/Summer 1962 - tennis court construction PRS


The Stables. The vintage Morris 8 series E belonged to Allan Rimmer (Summer 1962) PF *

January 1964 snowfall TW

January 1964 snowfall PF *

the terrace + group running towards the woods (spring 1964)

Red Hill sign & New Wing (spring 1964)

Stables + Cottage (late 1960s) AR

circa 1973/1974 - Ted's shed! AW & CS *

Aerial view from the 1980s TW

Aerial view from the 1980s TW

Yet another aerial view (from the late 1980s) SW

Old building and new wing taken in the late 1980s RG

The Stables in 1992 RG

Autumn 1993 DM

2007 - Extract from 2007 East Sutton Parish Plan (page 6) ESP

24th April 2008 - Fernham Homes sales sign KN


(1) From 1838 book 'Epitome of the History of Kent' by Charles Greenwood. Little Charleton (exterior) - plate between pages 154 & 155 (B&W in the first edition).

(2) as note (1) but the tinted version is from the 'deluxe' version of the same book.

(3) Both are tinted prints from 1845 book 'Studies from Old English Mansions - third series' by C. J. Richardson. The 1915 edition of 'Old English Mansions' (edited by Charles Holme) has the same interior print as in the Richardson book of Little Charleton but in B&W - plate LVII at end of book.