Restorations 2006 & 2007

In January 2004 the School was sold to Fernham Homes (Kent) Ltd. in Maidstone - a property development company. Click here to see the Fernham information page. The classroom and dining room additions of the mid-1950s did not complement the original house very well, neither did the 1970s/1980s classroom and further dining room additions - all of these were demolished in 2006 by Fernham - they also demolished the house used originally by Ivor Holland (built around the mid-1950s). The original 1612 chimney stacks that were demolished circa 1955 were all rebuilt with less tall versions. The main building is now owned and has been occupied since November 2007 by Ian Fern and family.

2006 article in News Shopper regarding the restoration by Fernham Homes

photos by Mike Warren and Peter Still of the main 1612 building

Facebook photos by Tracey McHugh - owner of Coach House (formerly the Coach House + Stables)