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14th June 2020 - WARNING. Beware of emails from people that supposedly attended RHS where the email address differs from that listed on the contact page OR if there is no email address for that person on the contact page.

To leave contact information click the following link - need full name, years attended + contact info ... message optional (message: max 60 words). Any picture scans from the Red Hill years gratefully accepted. If you have contact information for other ex-RedHillians (not already listed here) please let me have details to: (please copy). **** The very last student to leave before RHS closed in July 1992

The e-mail addresses highlighted in red are no longer valid. Would the person concerned please advise me of your current e-mail so that I can update you on current events (addresses updated 3rd July 2011) - Terry

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* son of Marion Farrell (MOF)
Name Years Attended Contact (e-mail unless noted otherwise) Message
Abrey, Darren (Danny) NEW 1983-1984  
Andrews, Crispian 1945-1951 Living in Brisbane, Australia
Armstrong, Mike 1970-1972  
Ashby, Paul 1976-1983  
Ayton, Mel Staff

Now a best selling author ( The JFK Assassination: Dispelling The Myths; Questions of Controversy - The Kennedy Brothers; A Racial Crime - The Assasination of Dr Martin Luther King).


Baird, Donard 1951-1955

Address: 21 St. Marys Rd., Lanstephan, Launceston, Cornwall PL15 8JW, England

Tel: (01566) 773702

Bancroft, Matthew 1985-1989  
Bannister, Michael 1967-1971 Nickname "Foxy". Currently living in Lincolnshire, working as a senior residential careworker looking after teenage children with emotional and behavioural problems! Sounds familiar?
Barham, Len 1971-1975  
Barnes, Graeme 1987-1991  
Barnett, David 1981-1984

** have old address

Barrett, Giles 1988-1988 Now an IT Engineer in Surrey
Barrett, Richard 1953-1956 Three weeks after leaving RHS I was in the RAF. Did 12 years working on aircraft radar systems on Canberras and Victors. After the RAF I worked for IBM for 24 years on various aspects of commercial computers before taking early retirement in 1991. Since then I have indulged in various hobbies including birdwatching, amateur botany and my long term favourite, aviation.
Barry, Guy 1973-1978 Work at Heathrow as a Transport Manager.
Married in 1989.1 son (1993).
Living in Sandhurst, Berkshire.
Beedle, Jonathan 1980-1984  
Beggs, Jude 1986-1987

c/o Valerie Beggs
373c Chiswick High Rd, London, W4 4AG, England

Tel: (020) 8994 0175

Bell, Alan 1973-1977  
Bell, Michael 1971-1978 IT Manager for 15 yrs - now in security
Bennett, Phil 1988-1988 I live in Henley-on-Thames and work as an analyst
Benson, Mike 1963-1970 Currently living in Victoria, B.C., Canada
Bettis, Clive 1985-1990


direct Tel| 07598-528258

Blair, Bill 1973-1976 Currently living in Bristol and working for an IT company.
Bloomberg, Graham 1971-1977 Now retired research chemist.
Blowers, Darren 1985-1990 Currently in a dead end job to which I am trying to leave to pursue a career with special needs children. I have been married for 11 years and have three lovely children. Would love to hear from anyone I was at school with.
Bore, Jeremy 1962-1966

“Karibuni”, Copplestone, Crediton, Devon
EX17 5NL, England

Tel 01363-84427

Spent all my time in the art room or music room. Registered General Nurse 1974. Retired Prison Service Nurse - HMP Exeter. Red Hill a good introduction. Come and see me sometime! Married, two adult kids. One of each. Six grand-children, all boys. Still into photography. Would welcome contact, especially from Roger Banfield etc. I broke your neighbour’s porch door!! Sorry.

Bowden, Russell


23 Lothian Court, Midhurst Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 9HN, England

Tel 01323-502627 or Mobile 07919-834780

Boylett, Colin 1961-1965

Pound Farm, Kingswood, Kington, Herefordshire HR5 3HJ, England

Tel: (01544) 230049

Bragg, David 1947-1955

Naples, Florida, USA

After leaving Red Hill I fell into computers and spent most of my working life in the USA in the Automotive Industry. I retired as a Director of Information Systems for the leading US truck manufacturer and am currently working as a consultant for that company and Ford in a joint venture to produce commercial vehicles in Mexico.
Brazil, Kieran 1971-1974 Nicknames: Ski, Dad. G'day to everyone who remembers me- been in Australia since 1980, now a citizen. Been back several times - once for Shaw's funeral, once for a 20 year reunion. Married happily (at third attempt), no kids, been moderately successful in the Advertising field out here ( ). Love to hear from anyone who knew me.
Brooks, Kevin 1975-1978  
Brougham, Chris 1953-1959 On leaving I spent 6 years in Zimbabwe before returning to take up a career in banking. I am now retired.
Brown, David 1978-1984 Website:
Bruce, Ken 1977-1983

Address: 38 Kingsley Road, Maidstone, Kent ME15 7UW, England

Bunting, James 1987-1992 James' e-mail on request from: Self employed IT consultant, living in Suffolk.
Burgess, Andy 1969-1972

P.O.Box 755
Queensland 4014

phone: +61 7 3865 2724, cell: 0423 173 623

Burnett, Chris 1971-1974  
Bush, Simon 1972-1978 BA hons Psychology Bangor Uni. Then trained as a ski instructor worked for 6yrs in Italian Alpes. Trained as a Airline pilot. Now Cpt with Netjets Europe. Living in Italy Val di Fassa Trentino.
Butcher, Steven 1978-1981  
Butler, Nicky 1957-1960  
Caine, Nick 1977-1980


Living in the Portsmouth area, married, 5 kids, work for Toyota in a managerial capacity, play in a band, still maladjusted, politically incorrect etc
Cester, Robert 1982-1988  
Challis, Fred 1957-1961  
Chaplen, Ernest 1952-1956

1290 Andrews Rd, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034, USA

Tel: (503) 635-8729

56-59 RAF; 59-64 + 67-70 obtained Dip.Ed, M.A. and Ph.D.; 70-75 Cambridge University (Assistant Director of Research); 64-67 + 76-88 Teacher/Director/Associate Professor at Universities in Turkey & Kuwait - also consultancy work for United Nations agencies & Council of Europe. Textbooks published by OUP & Evans. Ex-owner/operator carpet cleaning business in Portland, Oregon, USA. Married 35+ years, 3 kids, 2 grandkids.
Chapman, Anthony 1949-1956

Address: 25 Bayford Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN175HN, England

Tel: (01903) 829819

Chessell, Stuart 1960-1966

Rowan Croft, Rowthorne Village, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S44 5QQ

Tel: (01623) 811833

Have spent all of my working life in Royal Mail but I am retiring in May 2003. Thirty years married with no children. Plans for retirement include a couple of years work on the house (ex stables) and finding as much time as possible to get out touring on my Honda Goldwing.
Clark, Roy 1952-1957  
Clarke, Dave 1974-1977 e-mail on request from

now known as Richard Carrett, also as Montague Ap Flange

Cleare, Andrew 1951-1958  
Cleghorn, Paul 1984-1985  
Coletta, Nick 1984-1988

I'd like to hear from anyone that remembers me from my time at Red Hill. Since leaving I have graduated, taken post graduate qualifications, and now work in the Railway industry as a Performance Manager, having at one time been the youngest Station Manager on BR (I was Station Manager for Marylebone station at age 22).

Collip, George 1958-1964

Loughborough, Leics

I look at this amazing list of ''Old Redhillians'' and wonder how many other stories there are? Mail me.
Conway, Mark 1980-1986 Now known as Mark Dell
Cook, Anthony 1946-1949 Went into local steel industry. "Square pegged" satisfactorily for 41 years, retired 1991. Sometime on executive council of I.S.T.C. (including steel strike of 1980). Member of employment tribunals. Married Mary (d.1995), seven children. Presently living in urban retirment with second wife, Carol.
Coombes, Matthew 1980-1982 Now known as Matt Belcher and living in Surrey, England
Cousens, John 1948-1951  
Cox, David 1988-1989 Jan 2007- went back into mainstream education with disasterous results. Failed all my exams, so I became a journalist. Moved to New York shortly after 9/11, then lived in Baghdad for a time. I used to run my own freelance journalism business in New York. Married. Fond memories of balmy summer days in tall grassed fields. Hope you are all well. Interesting how many of us ended up at the far-flung ends of the earth. Dec 2016 - I now live in London and work for the BBC (in News).
Coxshall, Ché 1987-1992

Address: 55 The Avenue, Hertford, Herts SG14 3DS, England

Tel: (07962) 403252 & (01992) 302238

Currently working as a mobile
computer engineer
Crayford, Andrew John NEW 1974-1976 now known as Andreas Johann Lösekann
Culmer, Phil 1984-1990 Website: (Phil's Ramblings). I have also posted a video from Red Hill's 1985 Xmas Play "The Secret Diary of Aaaaaadrian Gray aged 13 3/4" at
(the quality is not very good - from an old video tape). The title refers to RHS pupil Adrian Gray who was almost 14 at the time.
Dalton, Jon 1977-1980 currently living in Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Davies, Chris 1959-1963

07870488315 (mobile)

Known as 'CD'. Main interests were aircraft modelling, photography and music. Played clarinet in the school band. Went on to work in the music copyright business for Chappell and since then I worked in transport, ran an off licence and am currently working for the Post Office. Got married to Angela in 1968 and have two sons and one grandson. I still very occasionally play the clarinet as well as the saxophone.
Davis, Chris 1977-1984

113 Faversham Road, Seasalter, Whitstable, Kent CT5 4BG, England

I'd be happy to hear from others who shared my time there and swap
memories over a pint sometime
Dawson, Clive 1970-1975 Website:
Dormand, David 1961-1964

Downie, Paul 1986-1988

Would love to hear from anyone who I know. Now qualified Locksmith with own biz. Father of 1 son. Avid sea angler. I am now married and living in Canberra with my Aussie wife. .Now known as Paul Downe
Downs, Alan 1969-1976

Address: 109 Belford Terrace, North Shields, Tyne and Wear NE30 2DA, England

Tel: (0191) 2728944

Duff, Terry 1968-1975 + I worked as a gardener for the local council for 22 years. Now I work as a baggage handler at Newcastle Airport. I have been married for 20 years and have 3 children , 18, 17 & 15.
Edmonds, Ken 1965-1970  
Edwards, Wesley 1961-1965  
Ellinger, Stephen 1960-1965 20 Montefiore Road, Hove, Sussex BN3 6EP, England  
Ellis, Tony 1968-1973 Now living in Australia
Farmer, Andrew 1975-1976 Now living in New Zealand
Farrell, Peter * see note My mother was Marion O'Farrell (she adopted the "O" for some reason). She was the matron. Her nickname was "MOF". She joined Shaw at Chislehurst and moved to Kent with him and stayed at RHS until her death in 1964. I was brought up in the School and RHS was "home" throughout my childhood. Marion was a mercurial character with a fierce loyalty to RHS and to Shaw although she was not above speaking her mind quite forcefully. I would really welcome comments/memories (good or bad) from people who knew her (or me). I have lived in New Zealand since 1965.
Fisher, Paul 1969-1974

Fisher, Tim 1983-1987

3 Alpha Court, Hockliffe Road, Leighton Buzzard, Beds LU7 3FN

Foster, Iain 1981-1987  
Fotheringham, Mike 1967-1969  
Francis, John 1961-1963

After Red Hill I attended Eltham College (Shaw's alma mater), where my younger brother was already a pupil. I went on to Clare College, Cambridge to study Mathematics & Computer Science, graduating in 1971 on my way to a career in the software side of the computer industry. For the last 24 years I have lived in the USA - originally in Nashua (NH) and nowadays in San Jose (CA). Married for 25 years - no children.
Franklin, John 1962-1966  
Fullegar, Kenneth 1949-1954   living with son Gary Fullegar in Hackforth (Swaledale), Northern Yorkshire
Gabbitas, Denbigh 1951-1955 Would love to contact Chris Evans, David Moseley. Life: National Service, ending up in Hong Kong. Got a 'proper' education -> electronics engineer -> computer engineer. Retired from South Bank University as a Principal Lecturer 1996. Now an IT manager, but will have to retire next year. My ever-burning light has been sailing, and my wife (33yrs this yr) shares my obsession. We have a yacht which we are going to cruise around the seven seas for a few years.
Galvin, Douglas 1948-1951

Address: 36 Southmead Road, Fareham
Hampshire PO155JZ, England

Now sort of retired. Would like to get in touch with a few of the old pupils. 1952 to 1963 British Army Royal Engineers and Special Air Service - Korea, Malaya, Kenya, Malaya again.1963 Farming in Kenya till 1969. Then Rhodesia from 1973 to 1980 in Army Counter Intelligence. Married in 1961.Widowed in 2005. Two sons, one daughter. Five grand children. Have had a glazing company since 1980 - I still have. Decided not to retire as I tried and not much fun.Writing a book, or at least a good attempt at it. Waiting for someone to read it and give advice some time. As I'm only 76 in 2011 & seem to have plenty of time left to get it done.
Garnett, Alan 1950-1954  
Gee, Clive 1980-1984

Address: 1 Leasway, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 7DW, England

Tel: (01268) 776187

Gentle, Peter 1969-1973 Married with two daughters - both at University now. Still living in London. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Glosby, Ian 1962-1965  
Gold, Paul 1967-1971 Website: I would love to find out what happened to all the people that were there when I was especially Charlie Jobson. I played in goal for the school football team and cricket for Ulcombe under the guidance of Morley Gayton.
Gotts, Scott 1987-1990  
Gough, Jonathan 1980-1982  
Grainger, Donald 1965-1971  
Gray, Adrian 1982-1988  
Green, Eliott Staff 1984-1989  
Grove, Brian 1976-1978 Website: (now lives in Argentina)
Hagan, Shane 1987-1990 now known as Shane Bennett. No flash stories, no great life but still alive!!!!
Haiselden, Jason 1981-1983

Hall, Jon 1970-1974 Website: &
Hammond, Dan (son of Michael Hammond 1947-1950) Would love to hear from anyone ex-RHS that remembers my dad!
Harris, Tim 1988-1992  
Hathaway, Simon 1980-1982  
Hayes, Richard 1978-1986  
Hayler, John 1962-1966 Address: 29 Coleridge Street, Hove, West Sussex BN3 5AB, England  
Hazelgrove, Jack

Staff 1963-1971

Address: 192 Ditchling Road, Brighton, Sussex BN1 6JE, England

Tel: (01273) 567233

Head, Chris 1974-1978 Now Chris Chambers
Healy, Andy 1976-1979
Hemsley, Justin 1982-1988 Justin@Hemsley.Me  
Heylin, Alex **** 1989-1992

Hickman, John 1966-1971  
Higgins, William [Guy] 1975-1978  
High, Paul 1984-1988



17 Goodier Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 2GG, England

After RHS I joined Marconi Communications in Chelmsford. I completed an Engineering apprenticeship, qualified and worked up to a Senior Compliance Engineer with the company I work for now, e2v Technologies. A couple of years ago I decided I needed to broaden my horizons as I was stagnated in my current position. I studied and gained IT qualifications and I am now an IT analyst. Much happier and better paid.
February 2003 I married Vicky. We now have a little boy James who was born 06/06/06! He is an angel and not a devil, fortunately.
I am currently in an originals band 'The Lunar Pilots'. Please check out our Myspace website ( and have a listen.
Hillman, Tony 1958-1961 My recollections of RHS are of my happiest schooldays by far, so much so that I always yearned to return to that part of Kent. Well, that is almost the case as Marion (my wife of over 37 years) and I moved to within 20 miles of the school just 4 years ago, after my early retirement from the Meteorological Office. We have 2 daughters, both married and each has given us a grandchild in the last 18 months. (comments dated March 4, 2003)
Himson, Richard 1973-1977  
Holford, Jon 1957-1961 Now living in Ireland
Holmes, John 1972-1980

Mobile 07795 290153

Honeywood, Fausto 1973-1975

Address: 24 Middle Way, Lewes, West Sussex
BN7 1NH, England

Tel: (01273) 472575

Howard, Bill 1965-1971

** have old address

Howard, Trevor
Now known as Trevor Cusack
Huckfield, Roy & Catherine Staff 1978-1984  
Hughes, Ian 1977-1980  
Jackson, Paul 1968-1972

Address: 45 Firbeck Road, Woodseats, Sheffield, Yorkshire S8 0NF, England

Jacobs, Duncan 1952-1957 Now lives in France
James, Steven 1978-1983

12 Capell Walk, Stanton, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP31 2XJ


Jamieson, Robert 1958-1962

Braunsbergweg 21, 56656, Brohl-Lützing, Germany

Tel ( from outside Germany) 00 49 2633 609367

Now living near the Rhine with my partner Moni, and our six cats. Was seven, but one got run over by a train.
Johnston, Vic 1986-1989

WEBB Design Studio Ltd, 39 Stocks Lane, Stalybridge, Cheshire. SK15 2LN.

Website: (Web design)
Joseph, Ian 1987-1989

Leaving RHS in 1989 I have been married and divorced and have since spent all my time in the aviation industry. I'm now in Sales and Marketing for a company located in Dorset where I live with my partner, 10 year old step-daughter and 4 year son. In the last 9 years my social life tends to have revolved around Scuba Diving! I'd be interested in hearing from anyone that I had the fortune of spending time with at RHS..good or bad (I.J. - May 2007)

Kalina, Richard 1973-1976 Now live in Australia
Kenyon, Lawrence 1975-1980 I went on to do a Biology degree after RHS and now work in tropical agricultural research.
Kittos, Stephen 1964-1968


Nickname: Grec. Living in Sale, Cheshire. Married twice. Three daughters, one grandson. Very content with life. Would love to hear from Alan (Rip) Kirby and Peter Morrison.
Knight, Patrick 1976-1980  
Kohen, David 1965-1972 Living in Northern Israel
Lacey, Mike 1956-1961 & &  
Lainton, Andrew 1977-1984  
Lanham, Brett Staff 1985-1992  
Larham, Spencer 1982-1988  
Larkin, Anthony 1966-1969  
Latch, Kevin 1980-1985  
Latham, Jeremy 1960-1965

5 Dalton Rd, Ipswich IP1 2HT

Tel: (01473) 210203

Still successfully surviving obscurity. Married for 34 years and no children. Worked in software industry as a Business Analyst and consultant until I retired in 2001. Life has been a balance of marriage, playing all the sports I could, restoration of our house, work, misplaced priorities and missed targets. Since retirement I'm into art, golf, travel and utter laziness.
Lawson, Dominic 1980-1985  
Leggett, Mike 1971-1976 RHS interests included school magazine & drama. A Levels (Boston College 1978), BSc Joint Hons Chemistry and Pharmacology (Univ of Nottingham 1981), PhD Chemistry (Bristol Polytechnic 1986). Development Chemist in NE Scotland (1986 - 1991). PGDip Technical Authorship and Communication (Univ of Humberside 1991-1992). Married Patricia in 1992, (we met in 1990 at the wedding of an old RHS friend). Currently living in Milton Keynes and working as a Programme Manager in London.
Leggett, R. Malcolm V. (Bob) 1948-1953  
Leversuch, Norman 1965-1970

Liddlelow, Chris 1966-1971 I live in Milton Keynes. Divorced (1979), though still friends, photographer, renovated an 80ft gaff rigged Ketch (originally a 1951 North Sea trawler), been round the world, and am still doing it now. Never grew up; never want to!
Lobl, David 1966-1969 Head of Sports committee in football season, we played 4 lost 4 scored 1 goal? conceded 87? In goal for 2nd half of 30 - 0 defeat to Leeds (no-one else would do it) + equalised in 19 - 1 defeat to same team. Same season we wrote to Leeds (local); Leeds United in Yorkshire wrote back to us telling us they could not find time to play a fixture - we had just addressed the envelope to Leeds Utd, Leeds.I was a hut resident. Only ran away once back home on Moulton Bike back to London.
Marsh, Ian 1969-1975 +

96 Arnolds Avenue, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex CM131EX

Tel: 01277 229519

Martin, Andrew Staff 1983-1989 I am currently Head of Psychology at Nottingham High School.
Mason, Anthony 1966-1973  
Maxam, Graham 1977-1978  
McEwan, Andrew 1979-1981

Morbi, Ziggy 1988-1990  
Morgan, Julian 1980-1984

39 Northcliffe Road, Bognor Regis,
West Sussex PO22 8PN, England

Morgan, Simon 1981-1987  
Morrison, Gareth 1981-1987

Address: 39 Noel Rise, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 8BU, England

Tel: 01444 235828

Who would I like to hear from? - anyone who I had the pleasure of meeting, especially Mr Rimmer, who told me that when I left school I should go to University to study Business Management. I told him at the time there was no way I'd ever work in an office. Funny because that's exactly what I've done for the last 12 years.
Moss, Neil 1986-1988

Moth, David 1983-1987 June 29, 2007: I have a baby daughter on the way
Myron, Graham 1966-1971 Currently living in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Now known as Graham Myron.
Nandi, Prabir Staff 1957- 1960  
Nelson, Robbie 1986-1988 Now known as Robbie Nelz
Newman, Ken 1954-1960
Left RHS in Aug 1960. Nicknames: Beanpole and Newballs! Arrived Perth Australia 1965. Insurance Industry 10 yrs. Qualified as Maths teacher 1978. Still working and enjoying it. My Son is 27 and great - unmarried but in constant contact with his mother. Interests: Wombles FC, Railways (real and model), playing tennis, environment, Folk music and dance. 1955-65 music. Like to hear from anyone who remembers me!!!
Nicol, George 1967-1974  
Nunn, Kevin 1979-1984

O'Brien, Mark 1978-1982
O'Leary, Chris 1986-1988

** have old address

Thanks to everyone who put up with my bad tempered ways at school. I am now a married man with two kids (thx to God nothing like me as a kid).Would love to hear from anyone who remembers the sports days and five a side comps.....cheers Chris
Olden, Paul 1972-1978

** have old address

Ormiston, David 1961-1964

Address: 22 Alderton Road, Bristol B57 OUY, England

Tel: (0117) 9693109

Otoo, Kevin 1963-1965  
Parish, John 1988-1989  
Parker, Ian 1964-1971  
Parnaby, Gavin 1984-1990  
Perry, Ray 1986-1987  
Peters, Steve 1963-1970

Address: 67 Highbridge Rd., Aylesbury
Bucks HP21 7RX, England

Happy memories of RHS, main interest while there was chess (still my main interest) and any sport. Currently working for the Halifax Group as an operations assistant.
Phillipson, David 1972-1976  
Phipps, Steven 1978-1983  
Piggin, Jon 1970-1975  
Piggott, Bob Staff 1973- 1990

Address: 10 Fremlins Road , Bearsted, Maidstone, Kent ME144HA

Tel: (01622) 736661

Pitman, Peter 1976-1983
Plazeck, Anthony 1960-1967 Flat 22, Catesby Street, London, SE17 1RH  
Poole, Phillip 1987-1991 + I've been a DJ for the last 12 years and I design and build big sound systems. I currently live in Rome, Italy but hopefully, not for much longer. Would most of all like to contact Clive Bettis. Where are you Clive?
Prescott, Ian 1965-1967 Married, one daughter (now 11). Getting paid as senior computer engineer, working as little as possible. Would be interested in hearing from anyone that remembers me.

Pyke, Geoff 1980-1981

** have old address

Living in Havant, Hampshire


Reading, Colin 1975-1978  
Rebandel, Chris 1979-1981

Address: 38 Sandall Road, London W5 1JD, England

Tel: (0208) 997 3013

Restall, Warren 1981-1985  
Rice, Paul 1981-1985

40 Carew Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 8PU, England

Roberts, Alan 1988-1990 Would like to hear from Daniel Pitman
Roche, Nigel 1960-1965  
Rogers, Gary 1980-1986  
Rogers, John 1947-1951

14 Lant Close, Duggins Lane, Tile Hill, Coventry CV4 9TG, England

(024) 76471991

Rolfe, Paul 1965-1968  
Ross, Philip 1967-1975

Chemin Vicinal, 363 Rue dou Pebe,
Pomps, 64370 France.

0033559816757 (home)
0033624639929 (mobile)

I really enjoyed my time there - Would love to hear from anyone that knew me.
Ross, Tony 1981-1983

Address: 1 Botany Cottages, London Rd, Purfleet, Essex RM19 1PS, England

Rushworth, Keith 1963-1968

10 Lawns Av, Leeds, LS12 5RN

Tel: (0113) 279 4856 (UK)

Rynne, Viv Staff 1976-1978  
Semmens, Barrie 1959-1963  
Sewell, Adrian 1972-1977  
Sheary, Chris 1967-1974

Address: 46 Fisher Close, Luton, Bedfordshire MK454NF

Tel: (01582) 890143

I am now teaching Drama at a school in Luton – where I used to teach in the early 1990’s

Shoesmith, David 1943-1948

Address: 52 Queensway, Leyland, Preston, Lancs PR25 1AD, England

Tel: (01772) 435661

Short, Neil 1975-1978

4 Callis Court, Callis Street, Clare, Sudbury, Suffolk CO108PY, England

Simons, Mark Staff 1976-1986  
Singleton, Danny 1990-1992

Tel: (07940) 056202, (07830) 291472 or (01482) 228436

Living in Hull, East Yorkshire
Skingsley, John 1957-1962
Smith, Bernard 1947-1951

1 Farm Close, Loxwood, Billingshurst, West Sussex. RH14 0UT

Tel: 01403 753419

Smith, Michael 1957-1963 +

Had to change my name to Michael Irving. Acting, directing, teaching and single parenting an 11 year old (as of Oct 2004). Finally tackled computer technology - marvellous. Love to hear about/from contemporaries.
Smith, Tony 1980-1981

phone 07957719630

Living in Beddington, Surrey
Divorced, no kids, and after a spell teaching not sure I ever want any. Now a semi retired (lazy) lorry driver. STILL MALADJUSTED!
Spiers, John 1953-1960

Address: The Gate Cottage, Twyford, Birch Grove, Nr.Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH17 7DJ, England

Tel/Fax 01825 740448

Nickname: Nipper. Currently serving on board of The National Care Standards Commission on the Advisory Council of Reform. External Professor School of Humanities & Social Studies, University of Glamorgan. Career path was journalism and publishing. Author of several books including The Invisible Hospital & The Secret Garden. Arsenal supporter! Now a Grandfather.
Stanford, Phil 1976-1978

Address: 1 Greystoke House,
Rembrandt Way, Reading, Berkshire
RG1 6QZ, England

Tel: 07866520643

Staplehurst, Mark 1971-1974

Address: 34 Greens School Lane,
Farnborough, Hants GU14 7PS, England

(01252) 655433

Staples, Peter 1954-1960  
Still, Pete 1961-1966

Mobile: 0774 331 8308

Street, Elaine Early 1950s not a pupil or a staff member
Stubbings, Mark 1981-1984 +

Sunshine, Alexander

Mobile: 44(0) 7976 428 905

I now live in London and work as a freelance travel, architecture and interiors photographer.
Sydney, Graham 1966-1972 Loved the place, nickname Big Syd. Now married with two
grandchildren. Left RHS and joined the Army then moved into the transport industry. I now work in IT in Education at Blackburn College. Would love to hear from anybody who knew me in those days.
Taylor, Phil 1962-1969

Tegg, Nigel 1981-1986

e-mail and/or telephone on request from: 

Tinsley, Gordon Eric 1970-1974  
Tribble, Andrew New 24 June 2022 1973-1980  
Turner, John 1981-1983
Van der Sanden, Barend 1970-1977  
Van Dyk, Nigel 1958-1965

11 St Werburgh Crescent, Hoo, Rochester, Kent ME3 9HJ, England

(01634) 253547


Veitch, Lester (now Lester Smart)


Address: 49 John Lea Way, Wellingborough, Northants NN82QA, England

Married with 2 Children. Working as a Site Manager/Agent in Milton Keynes for Taylor Wimpey on a new build residential development.
Wakeling, Allan 1988-1989

Walker, Howard 1983-1987 Formerly known as Howard Gardiner
Walker, Richard (Jimmy) 1967-1972

Tel: 01904-541386 (after 6:30pm)

Nickname: Jimmy. I loved every second that I was there, and in some ways I wish I was still there. I am currently working at Bootham school in York as a facilities maintanance operative (a janitor!!!) but I love it.
Walker, Ronald 1960-1966
Nickname: Chips. I am in the aircraft industry as an IT specialist in the Materials Engineering and Test department at Warton near Preston in Lancashire. I came to the marriage stakes late in life in 1993 and have 3 step children as well as a son and daughter. They range in age from 6 to 14. Life is very busy but happy! I would like to contact Ted Sandalls who was my best friend at RHS. If anyone knows how to contact him please e-mail me.
Walsh, Justin 1986-1989 Living in Northolt and working on a busy cardiology/cardiothoracic ward at Hammersmith hospital. I married my second wife Aneta in June 2003. Aneta gave birth to our first child in May 2004. Lucy weighed in at a very healthy 8lbs 4oz. Wow I'm a Daddy! Still going to QPR and I'm also player/coach for a local Sunday league football team. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Ward, Douglas 1968-1973  
Wardale, Francis 1962-1969

Address: 4/23 Bramley Hill, South Croydon, Surrey
CR2 6LX, England

Tel: (0208) 686 9615
Warren, Mike 1962-1968 +  
Warwick, Thomas 1948-1950  
Watson, Richard 1975-1979  
Watson, Tony 1935-1941

Address: Flat 7, 29 Cecil Road,
Bournemouth, Dorset BH5 1DX, England

Tel: 01202 391782 ....

Wearing, Eddie 1974-1981  
Weatherburn, Tony 1986-1988

** have old address

Now known as Joe Anthony - living in Wickford, Essex
Weir, Paul 1963-1969

Website: - Trained in advertising but became a music critic with NME, Melody Maker, Sounds etc. Moved to Cheltenham in 1975 and into public relations. Now have own one-man band PR consultancy. Doing OK. Married twice, four children ranging from 4 to 22. Eldest is now a secondary maths teacher. Play squeezebox and MC barn dances for fun at the weekends.
Welch, John 1957-1960

Known as 'Squish' (courtesy Holland). Would like to hear from Cherry Holland, and anyone really.
West, Alan 1961-1965  
Wheddon, Peter 1971-1975

7 Downleaze, Portishead, Bristol BS20 8BJ, England

Tel: (01275) 818853

Whipps, Gerald 1947-1953 Address:14 Old Town Close, Downham Market, Norfolk, PE38 9HJ, England

Tel: (01603) 880600

White, Richard 1988-1991 Now Richard Burton-White
Whitton, Peter 1970-1977

Whitton, Russell 1983-1988

c/o Neville Whitton,157 Adeyfield Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 5JZ, England

(01442) 265495

After RHS I passed my A-Levels then attended the London School of Pharmacy. I graduated with an honours degree in 1993. There I became friends with several Greeks and this was to have a big influence on my life. In 1996, after two years working in a Brighton Pharmacy, I joined Club 18-30. I have been working for them ever since and I am now the office controller for the Eastern Mediterranean, based in Rhodes.

Wilcox, Finn 1986-1992 I got a degree from Swansea University in 2001, after spending 4 years working in hotels & shops & retaking A-levels. I am now working as a software engineer in West Wiltshire.
Wilcox, Tom 1988-1992  
Wild, Derrick 1954-1958 I became a Director of Balfour Beatty Overseas - spent 5 years in Sri Lanka and few years in Singapore. Left in 1985 to set up my own business. Made and lost a million. Worked in London for British Waterways. Would love to hear from anybody who remembers me. Married in 1967 and have 3 daughters and have managed to stay together. Sorry I did not fully make use of the opportunities Red Hill offered. Now living in the south of France.
Williams, Allan 1966-1974 Lived in England, France and the U.S. Spent some time in India. Currently living and working in the U.S. I’d love to hear from any Red Hill folks.
Williams, Jim 1944-1948 Now living in Australia. I would be happy to receive communication from ex RHS lads who remember me.
Wilshaw, Stuart [Wilf] 1959-1963

4 Balgersho Home Farm,
Coupar Angus,
e-mail and/or telephone on request from: 

Wilson, Andrew 1982-1986 Website:
Wilson, Terry 1960-1964

Address and/or telephone on request


Nickname - 'The Gnome' at Red Hill spending lots of time digging holes and constructing camps in the woods. Moved to Canada in 1969 (Toronto). Now married to Flora - one child (Christine) born 1990. Webmaster of this site. Would love to hear from Tony Randall.
Wood, Peter 1965-1970  
Woodell, Jules 1979-1981  
Worley, Jim 1980-1981 Living in Louth, Lincolnshire  
Worley, Phil 1962-1966  
Wragg, Richard 1964-1966  
York, Alan 1960-1964