Student Gallery 1954 -1966

picture courtesy of: .AR = Allan Rimmer, CB = Colin Boylett, CD = Chris Davies, DB = Donard Baird (via Ralph Gee), DD = David Dormand, DG = Diane Goldman (Michael Goldman's sister), DJ = Duncan Jacobs, JS = John Skingsley, JRS = John Spiers, JW = John Welch, LM = Lawrence Mills (via John Spiers), ML = Michael Lacey, MS = Michael Smith (now Michael Irving), MW = Michael Warren, PF = Peter Farrell, PRS = Peter Still, PT = Phil Taylor, RG = Ralph Gee, RW = Ron Walker, SW = Stuart Wilshaw, TW = Terry Wilson. If anyone has pictures that they would like to share please let me know. Click on link to see full size picture. * reduced from a much higher resolution scan - if anyone would like the original (much larger) version I can send as an e-mail attachment, contact: (please copy).

February/March 1954 - Tony Chapman at the Cooling Galleries Exhibition LM *

Summer 1954 - Roy Clark, Roger Hoare, Andrew Cleare DB

Summer 1954 - Red Hill cricket (Terence Grant, Richard Barrett, David Moseley) RG

Nov/Dec 1955 - David Jones, Audrey Davies, Eric Sainsbury, Ken Newman, Jim Bennett, Brian Cox, Andrew Cleare, Roy Clark, Lawrence Lowe, Robert Gardner, David Holliday, Norman Corkhill, Chris Brougham, Tony Chapman JRS

June/July 1956 - Roger Hoare, David Johnson, Brian Baxter, Richard Bradley, Duncan Jacobs, Richard Barrett, Chris Evans, Norman Sharman DJ

Duncan Jacobs, Eileen Snellgrove, John Selley, Chris Burkill, Barry Lea, Philip [Jimmy] Edwards, Richard Allen, Morley Gayton, Iain Richardson, John Spiers (Spring/Summer 1957) JS

Summer/Autumn 1957 - John 'Nipper' Spiers JS

1958 - Alan Hobbs, Joe Dellicott, Chris Evans PF *

John FitzSimon, Michael Smith & Nicky Butler (1959) ML

Terry Wilson (1959) TW

Community Meeting 1959 - Marion Farrell, John Skingsley, Barney Walsh, Norman Corkhill, Dick Good, Chris Thomas, Jon Holford ML

1959 - Eric Edwards, Chris Coker, Tony Hillman, Stan Barr, Iain Campbell, Mike Hamlin, David Seagrave, Robert Jamieson, Mike Pearce, Barney Walsh, Bill Browning, John Germing, Chris Thomas, Tony Scott PF *

1959 - George James, John Skingsley, Peter Staples, Bill Browning JS *

1959 - George James, John Spiers, Michael Hamlin JRS

Spring 1959 - Lawrence Mills, Fred Challis, George Searl, possibly Roger Ford, Tony Scott JRS

July 1959 (sports day) - Chris Evans, Roger Ford, Hugh Lansdowne JS

Early August 1959 - Iain Campbell, Keith Groves, John Skingsley JS

October 1959 (Sinn Fein protest) - Fred Challis, George James, John Skingsley, Barney Walsh, John Spiers, John Germing, Mike Smith, Tony Hillman, Nigel Dolaghan, Chris Thomas, Michael Bottomley, John FitzSimon, Chris Burkill, Edwin Ward, Nicky Butler, George Collip, Robert Wells, Richard Allen, Derek Morrissey, Ronald Little JRS

October 1959 - Chris Coker, Peter Staples, Norman Corkhill, Barney Walsh, Ian Carter, John Spiers, Michael Hamlin, Jon Holford, Michael Pearce, David Seagrave, George Searl JRS

early 1960 - Charlie Carter, Iain Campbell, John Welch, Tony Hillman, David Seagrave, Michael Lacey etc CD *

1960 - Michael Pearce CD *

1960 - Stan Barr & Mike Lacey CD

Summer 1960 Bench Member group - Dick Good, John Spiers, Charlie Carter, George Searl, John Welch, Norman Corkhill, Barney Walsh, Peter Staples, John Germing, John Skingsley JS *

Summer 1960 Bench Member & Staff group - Otto Shaw, Thomas Powell-Davies, Dick Good, John Spiers, Charlie Carter, George Searl, John Welch, Norman Corkhill, Barney Walsh, Peter Staples, John Germing JS

Summer 1960 - Iain Richardson, Ron Little, Nigel Van Dyk, Chris Coker, John Spiers, Charlie Carter JS *

Summer 1960 - Nigel Dolaghan JW

1960s -Tarak the cat (Ray Exton's room) PT

Stuart Wilshaw & John Germing (1960) SW

RHS Band 1960 (Chris Davies, Stanley Barr, Peter Browning, Mark Thewlis, David Dennis) CD

Chris Davies, Pete Browning & Mike Lacey (1960) ML

Jon Broome in 1960 or 1961 CD

Early 1961 - Hedley Williams, Stan Barr, Jeremy Latham, Marion Farrell, Stuart Chessell, John Skingsley, Stuart Wilshaw, Chris Davies, Robert Jamieson PF *

Early 1961 - Dennis Blackford CD

1961 Citizens Meeting - Robert Jamieson, Chris Coker JS *

1961 Stan Barr ML

1961 Tony Hillman & Jon Holford CD

1961 Chris Davies CD

1961 Roger Hoare & Roy Clark at Lands End DB

1961 Mark Thewlis CD

Sports Day (July 1961) - David Dennis & David Dormand DD

1961 David Dennis CD

1961 Ronald Little CD

1961 Ron Walker CD

1961 Tony Hillman, Michael Smith, Ray Exton CD

1961 Stuart Wilshaw CD

Stuart Wilshaw (1961) SW


1961 group (John FitzSimon, Barney Walsh, Michael Pearce) TW

John Skingsley painting "Game of Chess" (1961) TW *

Michael Smith, Iain Richardson, Michael Pearce, John Skingsley (1961) MS *

David Dormand, Robert Jamieson, Michael Smith, Chris Davies (August 1961) MS *

Michael Smith, David Ormiston, Colin Boylett, David Dennis...........(August 1961) MS *

Early 1962 - Michael Briggs, Chris Burkill?, Michael Smith, Barrie Semmens, David Dennis, Steve Ellinger, Alan York etc PRS

Colin Boylett 1962 PRS

Steve Leeming 1962 PRS

Steve Ellinger 1962 PRS

Spring 1962 Bench Member group (Michael Smith, Mark Thewlis, Chris Coker, Peter Browning, John Skingsley, Glyn Evans, Jeremy Latham, Stuart Chessell, Stan Barr) JS*


The 6 images below are all related to Mrs Cooling's visit to RHS prior to the Cooling Gallery Exhibition in London (30 April to 12 May 1962). All photos taken the same day - probably in late April 1962

April 1962 - John Skingsley & Peter Still PRS *

April 1962 (Stuart Chessell, Jeremy Latham, Hedley Williams, Chris Davies, David Ormiston, Wesley Edwards, Tony Scott, Michael Deegan) PRS *

April 1962 (Chris Davies, Stuart Chessell, Hedley Williams, Mrs John Hilton Cooling, Tony Scott, Jeremy Latham, Lawrence Mills, David Ormiston, Michael Deegan) LM *

April 1962 (Jeremy Latham, Wesley Edwards, Tony Scott) PT

April 1962 (incl Jeremy Latham, Stuart Chessell) PT

April 1962 (Stuart Chessell, Ted Sandalls, Wesley Edwards, Nigel Van Dyk, Ron Walker) TW


1962 (1st half) - The RHS jazz band (Stan Barr, Chris Davies) featuring duelling clarinets! Photo taken by Lawrence Mills PRS & JRS

Francis Wardale, David Dormand (1962) PRS *

John Francis circa 1962 CD

Spring/Summer 1962 - Michael Crich, Peter Still, David Dormand, Steve Leeming LM

June 1962 - RHS Jazz Band preparing to go on the road. Jeremy Bore (helping), David Dennis, Chris Davies, Peter Browning CD

June 1962 - RHS Jazz Band on the road. Chris Davies, David Dennis, Stan Barr, Peter Browning, Mark Thewlis CD

Summer 1962 - Steve Leeming on the front lawn PRS

Summer 1962 - trip to Woburn Abbey (Lawrence Mills, Hedley Williams, Stuart Chessell, Michael Smith, John Skingsley, Michael Briggs, James Babbage, Ted Sandalls, Ron Walker, Dorothy Clift, Roger Banfield, Peter Bradshaw etc) PT

Summer 1962 - Alan West, Derek Morrissey, Barrie Semmens & Wesley Edwards CD

Summer 1962 - Barrie Semmens & Wesley Edwards CD *

David Dennis [with Allan Rimmer] (3rd July 1962) AR *

Peter Still , Glyn Evans (3rd July 1962) courtesy of Getty Images (

David Dormand & Tony Randall (3rd July 1962) courtesy of Getty Images (

July 1962 (sports day) - Michael Smith, Allan Rimmer, Colin Boylett, Nigel Van Dyk, Alan West JS

Chris Burkill outside his front lawn hut holding one of Lucy's newborn kittens (1962/1963) MW

John Franklin (1963 or late 1962) CD

Michael Goldman's DIM articles within Eye-View magazine (25th April 1963 & 17th May 1963) PRS

Spring/Summer 1963 - Roger Banfield, David Dormand, Kevin Otoo DD

Spring/Summer 1963 (Operation to Headcorn) - David Dormand, Philip Worley, Kevin Otoo DD

Spring/Summer 1963 (Operation to Headcorn) - Colin Boylett, David Dormand, Kevin Otoo DD

Ian Glosby (circa 1963) PRS *

Tony Randall & David Dormand (circa 1963) DD

1963 Michael Warren PRS *

1963 Terry Wilson CD

25thNovember1963 - group watching Prsident Kennedy's funeral on TV (incl George Collip, Jeremy Latham, Ted Sandalls, Ron Walker, Tony Randall, Adrian Nunn) RW

Christmas 1963 (incl O'Durnell Bickers) TW *

1964 'Operation' (Jeremy Bore, Howard Farrell, Stephen Ellinger, Alan York) PT

Phil Taylor, John Harris, David Ormiston (behind John), Nigel Roche, Howard Farrell, David Dennis, Michael Haines & Steve Peters (spring 1964)

James Babbage (spring 1964)

Adrian Nunn (spring 1964)

Ted Sandalls, Stuart Chessell, Ivor Holland, James Babbage, Wesley Edwards & Ron Walker (spring 1964)

James Babbage, Wesley Edwards & Ron Walker (spring 1964)

Stuart Chessell, Michael Haines, Anthony Plazeck, Nigel Van Dyk, James Babbage, Ian Glosby, John Hayler, Nigel Roche & possibly Phil Taylor (spring 1964)

David Dennis (spring 1964)

Steve Peters (spring 1964)

RHS sports day: Jeremy Latham, Nigel Roche, O'Durnell Bickers, Jack Hazelgrove, Roger Banfield, Kevin Otoo, David Dormand (July 1964) TW *

Autumn 1964 - John Hayler, Nigel Roche MW *

Autumn 1964 - Ron Walker MW *

Stephen Ellinger (1964) MW *

1964/1965 (Otto Shaw, Keith Rushworth, Nigel Van Dyk) PT

14 Feb 1965 RHS vs Barming Athenians (Martin Heaps, Colin Boylett, Adrian Fiocchi etc) CB

14 Feb 1965 RHS vs Barming Athenians (Colin Boylett, Adrian Fiocchi, Martin Heaps, Jeremy Latham) CB

Football score sheet for 1964/1965 season (dated 11 April 1965) - compiled by Colin Boylett CB

Roger Banfield (July 1965) PRS *

1965 - Jeremy Latham, Stuart Chessell, Nigel Van Dyk, Mike Warren, Ron Walker, Ted Sandalls, John James, Anthony Plazeck, Jack Hazelgrove, Larry Jane, James Babbage, Colin Boylett PF *

Nicky Lambert & Frank Buckle (1965 - 2nd half) PRS *

Ian Prescott, Nicky Lambert, Stephen Croft (Nov/Dec 1965) PRS *

Nicky Lambert (Nov/Dec 1965) PRS *

Nicky Lambert (Nov/Dec 1965) PRS *

Michael Goldman (1966) DG

Jan/Feb 1966 (including Alistair Walker, Peter Morrison, Francis Wardale, Martin Heaps, Ted Sandalls) PRS *

RHS sports day: Bill Howard, Audie Gyngell, Clive Anderton, Graeme Carruthers (July 1966) TW *