School Discipline

In 1936 twenty eight year old Otto L. Shaw (RHS founder) wrote a 38 page book titled "School Discipline" that was published the same year by Arthur H. Stockwell Ltd - the cover price was two shillings and sixpence. The complete book is presented here in MS Word. Many thanks to Paul Ashby for making this available and for scanning the entire book. Conversion to MS Word by Terry Wilson. It is based on the Court System and discipline implemented at Red Hill School. Click on the red cover below - you must have Word 97 or later to open this document.............file is 900K so it will take a few minutes to download. For a much faster download click here for the zipped version (272K). This depicts RHS between 22nd March 1936 (date Philip Battersby entered) and 18th April 1936 (date Maureen Shea left) - a 4 week period.

The book has been transcribed into MS Word using the same format as published in 1936.

Key to name abbreviations in book:

Alvin (7) = Alvin Fairfield
Brian (15) = Ronald Brian Dockree
C.E.B. & Christopher (17) = Chris Batterbee
Geoffrey (18) = Geoff Clarke
John (12) = John Sydney Martin
Kenneth (14) = Ken Wright
Maureen (16) = Maureen Shea
Pat (13) = Patrick Andrew
Peter (12) = Peter Rice
Philip (15) = Philip Battersby
Robin (10) = Robin Stevens
Tom (12) = Tom Heaton
Tony (7) = Tony Watson
Wendy (12) = Wendy Bakewell

D.M. = Dan L. Minton
H.C.S. = Humphrey C. Swingler
L.J. = L. Jossett
M.O.F. = Marion Farrell
O.L.S. = Otto Leslie Shaw
U.O. = Ursula Otte (linen lady)

Mrs. P. = Jessie Theophila Paine (wife of Henry Paine at Parsonage Farm opposite RHS)