1948 Christmas Review**

44 pages including cover & index. Page 15 (Ile de France) was missing. The following pages are NOT included here as the content is either not interesting or has not survived in good condition: 4 to 9, 11, 14, 16, 28 to 32, 40 note: page 40 by Shaw-Davies, Davies is assumed to be Thomas Powell-Davies. Included here are articles by Crispian Andrews, Ted Brown, Tony Cook, Philip Coutanche, Allan Dandridge, Michael Dixey, Brian Foster, Ralph Gee, Bryan Hawley, John Hiorns, Keith Holland, Malcolm Leggett, John Patterson, Brian Reeves, Derek Sampson, Michael Shinkfield, Trevor Sibbett, Bernard Smith, Albert 'Vonny' Van Beest & Keith Wright.

**courtesy of Craig Fees at PETT archive

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