Kenneth B. Woodland (31st March 1954 - 1st April 2021)


I have been asked to write a few words about my dear friend Ken Woodland who recently died after bravely fighting cancer for ten years. We met at Red Hill school and almost immediately became close friends. We found we had much in common, loving sports, having daughters the same age, and enjoying a few beers.

Ken was the son of a miner and grew up in Mansfield before training to be a teacher. He taught in several locations including South London, Lenham and Guernsey before joining Red Hill. Ken was a very committed teacher and stayed in special education after Red Hill closed, until his retirement.

Ken was a very competitive person and played hockey, tennis and golf to a high standard. He had an annoying habit of winning competitions in tennis and golf, and also played hockey at county standard. Ken loves his sea bass fishing, winning prizes and breaking various records on Guernsey.

But I will always remember Ken for his kindness, generosity and humanity. Ken and his wife Claire were always available when Dominique and I had sadness in our lives. We spent many happy occasions at their home enjoying their wonderful hospitality.

We once watched a Shakespeare play in the garden of Ellen Terry and were completely surprised when Ken and Claire produced a huge hamper, in celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary.Ken was very hands on and completed many DIY projects around the home and taught himself how to sail.

For ten years Ken bravely battled his cancer, never complaining and always trying to live every day to the full.

He will be greatly missed by those who came to truly know and love him.


.......Brett Lanham - April 2021


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