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In July 1964 (approx), give or take a month or two, BBC "Womens Hour" included a 12 minute interview entitled "Schools Out" that was made at Red Hill shortly beforehand. This broadcast was recorded at the time on reel-to-reel tape by Phil Taylor's father in Manchester. Many thanks to Phil for providing this for the website. This MP3 file is 12.1MB so it may take awhile to download. Click on the button below:

Interviewer: Teresa McGonagle

Staff: Otto L. Shaw, Ivor W. Holland
Boys: David age 16 = David Dennis, Tony age 16 = Anthony (Anton) Plazeck, Paul age 11 = Paul Weir

Note: there is intermittent background noise on this recording that I have been unable to lessen. However, the voices can be made out quite clearly.


Video of Red Hill School is very hard to find. As far as I know very little (in any format) was taken so if you have some or know of someone that has any video contact: (please copy).

A documentary called 'The Exceptional Child' was filmed by the BBC at Red Hill in April 1964 (shown on television in August 1964).

Also a BBC semi-documentary based on Red Hill was shown in June 1955 called 'The Unloved'. Some filming was done at RHS. It starred Rupert Davies (later of 'Maigret' fame) - he played Otto Shaw. Melvyn Hayes (later of 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum' fame) played a delinquent boy named Rolfe. Click Review (..... a group of delinquent and retarded teachers played all sorts of tricks on a school full of what seemed perfectly normal boys.....)

In 1966, 1967 or 1968 Southern ITV produced a documentary covering Red Hill School and Summerhill School. If anyone can recall the name of this documentary please let me know. If anyone can trace a copy these shows ("The Unloved" plus the one on Southern ITV) please contact:

If the video is not smooth (i.e. excessive jerkiness), let it finish then save it. In Windows Media Player go to"File" then "Save Media As..." - or use another program (note: RealPlayer does not have a "Save" feature). Alternatively (in Windows), look for the file in the "Temporary Internet Files" folder - copy the file to another folder. Open up the file using Windows Media Player or other program.

If you have problems opening up these videos directly, right click the links below, then choose "Save target As". In the 'save' window that pops up browse to the folder you want the file to download to. After the download is complete go to that folder in Explorer and open the file with Windows Media Player.

** these videos are without sound

Peter Still's mother visits RHS on 27th March 1965 ** courtesy of Peter Still (8mm film converted to MP4). Video taken by Peter's mother when she visited Peter & Otto Shaw. Peter does not nppear in this 25 second video. The car is Aunt Edna's Morris Minor 1000 convertible. Better quality than video taken in April 1966. This is now the earliest video known to be taken at RHS.

Peter Still returns to RHS on 30th April 1966 ** courtesy of Peter Still (8mm film converted to MP4). Video taken by Peter's mother when she dropped him back to RHS. Peter appears twice in this 24 second video. The car is his Aunt Edna's Morris Minor 1000 convertible. Not so good quality-wise.

Driving into Red Hill (Summer 1976)** - courtesy of Graham Bloomberg (8mm film transferred to MP4 format)

View across the terrace (Summer 1976)** - courtesy of Graham Bloomberg (8mm film transferred to MP4 format)

Bed frames in the swimming pool (Summer 1976)** - courtesy of Graham Bloomberg (8mm Film transferred to MP4). A race between 3 teams (Paras, Commandos, SAS) to transport a bed frame from one end of the pool to the other. The various frame components had to be lifted over an obstacle (ladder). This was the final event in a competition that was won by the Commandos. Some identities: rolling over the ladder is Ivan Jewell (striped trunks), hauling himself out of the pool about two-thirds of the way through is Richard Himson, diving into pool near the end of the video is Adrian Sewell (red/white trunks), staff member wearing specs near end of video is Lawrence Mills, staff member (red shirt) with beard at very end is Mark Simons. Pupil wearing light grey jacket behind Adrian Sewell is Michael Bell.