Student Gallery 1967 -1992

(picture courtesy of: ..AG = Adrian Gray, AR = Allan Rimmer, AW = Allan Williams, BVS = Barend van der Sanden, CF = Craig Fees, CH = Chris Harvey, CS = Chris Sheary, DM = David Moth, GB = Graham Bloomberg, GR = Gary Rogers, JP = Jon Piggin, NH = Nick Hendley, PA = Paul Ashby, PJ = Paul Jackson, PR = Phil Ross, PT = Phil Taylor, RC = Rob Cester, RWe = Richard Webb, TW = Terry Wilson). If anyone has pictures that they would like to share please let me know - contact: (please copy). Click on link to see full size picture. * Reduced from a much higher resolution scan - if anyone would like the original (much larger) version I can send as an e-mail attachment, contact:

1967 group (David Dennis, Roger Banfield, Jack Hazelgrove, Michael Warren) TW

Summer 1967 - Michael Warren in the back garden MW *

April 2006 update on the above picture - Michael Warren in the back garden MW *

Steve Kittos in 1967 MW *

Anthony Mason in front of the Holland house (1967 or 1968) CS

Bill Howard, Phil Taylor, Peter Wood (1967/1968) TW *

Mike Bannister & Richard Walker (Spring/Summer 1968) CS *

Paul Jackson (1968) PJ

Michael Crickmore, Anthony Larkin, Terence Jesse, Charlie Jobson, Allan Williams, Richard Walker & Terry Duff (August 1968) PJ

Graeme Carruthers (early 1970) PJ

Chris Liddelow, Richard "Jimmy" Walker (1970/1971) CS

1971 - Stephen Hardy PR *

George Nicol - circa 1972 BVS

Philip Ross, Kerry Underwood, Glen Poole, Sean Kelly, Peter Dean, Chris Harvey (circa 1972) PJ

Kieran Brazil, Anthony Ellis, Chris Sheary, Ray Exton, Derek Scott (Summer 1972) CS (this is taken at a house in Sutton Valence that Ray Exton used to take care of while the owners were on holiday)

Michael Blades, Philip Ross, Paul Fisher? (1972) PJ

Sean Kelly, Kerry Underwood, Peter Wheddon, Derek Scott, Jon Piggin, Chris Sheary, Michael Bell (July 1972) PJ

1972 Swimming Gala PJ

1972 Swimming Gala PJ

Andy Barron (1972) PJ

Paul Jackson (1972) PJ

winter 1972/1973 - John Branch CF *

1973 - Anthony Ellis & Peter Dean PR *

Paul Lovell, Alan Bell, John Barnett, Jon Piggin (circa 1973) CH

Summer 1973 - RHS tradition of throwing pupils fully clothed into the swimming pool on their birthday.
L to R: Adrian Sewell, Kerry Underwood, Chris 'Joe' Sheary, Pete Wheddon, Eric Tinsley

Eric Tinsley (summer 1973) PR *

Eric Tinsley (summer 1973) zoom PR

Tony Ellis circa 1973 AW

2nd half 1973/1st half 1974 - Pete Wheddon, Allan Williams, Richard Kalina AW & PR *

late 1973 or 1st half of 1974 - Eric Tinsley, Allan Williams, Chris Burnett, Kieran Brazil BVS

The birch tree falls (1973/1974) AW *

Ted Brown, Albert Simmonds, Philip Read?, Michael Bell, Peter Nyeste? (1973/1974) TW *

Chris Sheary (circa 1973/1974) AW & PR

Terry Duff circa 1974 AW & PR

Séan Kelly circa 1974 AW & PR *

Adrian Sewell, Clive Dawson, Andrew Tribble & Phil Ross circa 1974 AW & CS *

Derek Scott, Allan Williams, Adrian Sewell, Chris Sheary (Feb 1974) CS

Derek Scott, Peter Wheddon, Adrian Sewell, Alan Bell (1974) CS *

Terry Duff, Chris Burnett, Len Barham, Derek Scott, Richard Sterne (Feb 1974) CS

early 1974 - Clive Dawson, Kieran Brazil, Derek Scott, Chris Burnett, Peter Wheddon, Ray Exton AW & PR

Ray Exton, Chris Sheary (July 21st 1974 - the day Chris left RHS) CS *

Chris Sheary, John Evans & Ray Exton (July 21st 1974 - the day Chris left RHS) AW & CS *

1974 Swimming Gala JP

1974 Swimming Gala JP

1974 Swimming Gala (incl Ray Exton, Jim Dobinson, John Barnett) JP

1974 Swimming Gala (incl Jon Piggin) JP

Summer 1974 GB *

Sep/Oct 1974 - Fire at Red Hill! GB *

June/July 1975 - Court Meeting including Michael Bell, Bob Piggott, Ian Marsh, Otto Shaw, Griffith Ingram, Ivor Holland, David Marsh, Adam Garner, Morley Gayton, Graham Bloomberg & Terry Duff GB *

1975 or first half of 1976 - Stephen Jones & Peter Ilic BVS

1975 or 1976 - Chris Head BVS

Autumn 1976 - Roger Holmes, Peter Pitman, Mark Simons (staff), Paul Olden BVS *

1980 - Peter Pitman, Paul Ashby, Mark O'Brien, Richard Davidson, Terry Short, Mark Lander, Jon Gough, Mark Whitehill, George Fagon, Steven Phipps, Eddie Wearing, Matthew Dunton PA

Autumn 1981 - Andrew Hingerton, Richard Webb, Mark Simons (cellar floor lowering project) RWe & GR *

Dec 1982 - Adrian Gray, Peter Pitman, Andrew Wilson, Rob Cester, Michael Bagley-Wood AG

Dec 1982 Xmas Party - Gareth Morrison, Stephen Millson, Adrian Gray, Michael Bagley-Wood, Andrew Wilson, Spencer Larham AG *

1983 - Spencer Larham & Adrian Gray AG

Adrian Gray (1983) RWe & GR *

1983/1984 - Andrew Wilson, John Walker, Rob Cester, Spencer Larham, Adrian Gray, Marc MacLachlan RWe & GR *

Rob Cester (summer 1984) RWe & GR *

Rob Cester (summer 1984) RWe & GR *

Nigel Tegg (1984) RWe & GR *

Nigel Tegg (1984) RWe & GR *

Nigel Tegg (1984) RWe & GR *

Viv Sandford & Spencer Larham (1984) RWe & GR *

July 1984 Swimming Gala (incl. Lawrence Mills, Andrew Martin, Ray Exton, Darby Allen, Belinda Tabor, David Moth, Richard Hayes etc) RC *

July 1984 Swimming Gala (incl. Lawrence Mills, Andrew Martin, Darby Allen, Nick Daws etc) RC *

Late 1984 - Nigel Tegg and his go-kart GR & RWe *

Late 1984 - Nigel Tegg's go-kart GR & RWe *

Early 1985 - David Moth, Gary Rogers & "Bessie" RC *

Early 1985 - Darren Blowers, David Moth, Nick Coletta & "Bessie" RC *

Early 1985 - Spencer Larham & David Moth RC *

Early 1985 - Spencer Larham & David Moth RC *

Early 1985 - Gary Rogers as Dr. Who RC *

1986 - David Moth DM

1986 court scene (incl. Lawrence Mills, Ted Barlow, Bob Piggott, Ron Brice, Eliott Green) AR

1986 - Peter Stroud, Justin Hemsley, Russell Whitton, Gavin Parnaby, Darren Blowers, Nick Coletta, Adrian Gray, Phil Culmer AG

Snowy days at Red Hill (Jan/Feb 1987) - Marc Maclachlan NH *

Snowy days at Red Hill (Jan/Feb 1987) - Gavin Parnaby, Finn Wilcox NH *

Snowy days at Red Hill (Jan/Feb 1987) - Simon Miles, Ted Barlow, Tim Fisher NH *

1988 - Phil Culmer, Tom Wilcox, Vivian Sandford, Gavin Parnaby DM

Peter Stroud, Adrian Gray, Richard White, Rob Cester, Benjamin Morgan, James Bunting, Scott Gotts, Lester Veitch, Daniel Pitman, Robert Nelson, Simon Barnes, Tony Weatherburn (July 1988) TW *

October 1988 - David Jeremy DM

May or June 1990 - Phillip Poole & Russell Bowden NH *

Colin Everett (1992) DM

Final days at Red Hill: James Bunting, Tom Wilcox, Ché Coxshall, Peter Munro, Russell Bowden, Anthony Scott, Alex Heylin, Jonathan Cosin, Lester Veitch, Finn Wilcox (Spring 1992) TW *

Final days at Red Hill: same group of pupils (10) as above plus 21 members of staff (Spring 1992) TW *